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Service contracts

Our stallion service contracts are in PDF format, and you will require Adobe Acrobat to open them.

You will find all our terms and conditions,booking form and all prices.  If you have any questions please email or call 

If you do not have this program, you can download it free from here.  A new window will open up and you can choose to download acrobat from here

TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF SERVICE   MAESTRO Please download, print, complete and sign the Terms and Conditions of Service ***

**This is accepted on the following terms:
  1. I will pay a stud fee of $1800 + gst (Live Foal Guarantee); 50% of this amount is due at the 16- day positive scan, with the remainder payable at 42 days.
  2. A deposit of $200 must accompany the booking form. This will be deducted from the Service Fee. In the case of a mare not conceiving this deposit will not be refunded but will be deemed to be a  handling and usage charge.
  3. I agree to pay interest at 20% per calendar month or part thereof on all sums outstanding by me 14 days after the date of invoice. . I also understand I am liable for any costs associated with debt collection and legal expenses over any unpaid invoices in relation to any costs in relation to this service
  4. LIVE FOAL GUARANTEE: A free service is given for mares who abort or whose foal is delivered dead or dies within 24 hours of birth. This must be certified by a veterinary  Surgeon. No refunds are given. Return handling fee of $200.    
    • The right to receive a refund is lost if I sell the mare.  
    • The right to receive a refund is lost should no live foal eventuate as a result of the death of  my mare
  5. I am responsible for and will pay all veterinary fees and charges as and when incurred by my mare and foal.   
  6. I acknowledge that you have the right to refuse to provide service to any mare which is diseased or infected.
  7. Gelding Policy** (below) is required with all colts born by Magnus. Veterinary certificate to confirm sex within 4 weeks.
  8. The booking of a mare will be deemed to indicate acceptance of these terms and conditions.
  9. I agree that this nomination is not transferable.
  10. All mares must be checked by veterinarian for fertility and suitability to conceive with frozen semen

** Due to limited semen available  for Maestro Caithness Stud reserves the right to accept or decline application for service


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About Caithness Stud

The ultimate goal has always been to produce top-quality sporthorses with wonderful temperaments and movement. "We feel that the quality of Dorchester and Maestro as our founding sires. With these foundation bloodlines we are able to introduce our new sire's with new bloodlines to continue to improve our quality  continue to achieve our goals" says Annabelle  

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