Clinics & Horsemanship

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Next  Dates:     October 10th 2014

On confirmation & choosing the right horse


Horsemanship starts from the ground up. Horsemanship is learning how to gain respect and  confidence in your horse in return the horse will respect and have confidence in you.

If you have no  respect on the ground, you won’t get it while you’re on his back! Like anything special it takes time.   

The principals of horsemanship is being able to ask and give to your horse, becoming in time, or as one.


703 Grahams Road, 
RD 4, Ashburton,
New Zealand

About Caithness Stud

The ultimate goal has always been to produce top-quality sporthorses with wonderful temperaments and movement. "We feel that the quality of Dorchester and Maestro as our founding sires. With these foundation bloodlines we are able to introduce our new sire's with new bloodlines to continue to improve our quality  continue to achieve our goals" says Annabelle  

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