Caithness Regency 2007

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Regency02(copy) A Prestige VDL Son 


B.O.D : 2007

 Sire: Prestige VDL

Dam : Caithness Silver Song ( Maestro

Service Fee $1700.00 incl GST
A.I. Only

Service Contract

This magnificent truly elegant steel grey Warm blood stallion has something  special, due to his presence and athleticism (athletic ability) and trainability.  Regency shows powerful bold cadence due to his athletic ability. This   movement is true magic to watch as he covers the ground with loads of   charisma and presence. You have to catch your breath when you watch   him travel effortlessly across the ground. Exceptional elevated rhythmical   movement.  He is incredibly light on his feet, showing expressive, powerful movement, he  moves so freely and covers the ground with ease.  All this is combined with outstanding obliging temperament which he has   shown to us while been started under saddle and any other situation he ha been placed in.  Unique opportunity to breed to a Prestige Son here in NZ.  He will light up the heavier mares but will keep the Warm blood movement.   Great to breed a dressage / Jumper /show horse ( Hack ) 

Some general information on Prestige VDL  
Prestige This KWPN licensed, 1997 stallion, bred in Europe (Silvano N x Lavendel Keur  - Prestige's lineage includes Goodtimes, Ahorn Z, Ronald, Cor de la Bryere and Anblick xx)   "Prestige is an international quality Grand Prix horse. Australia is very lucky to  have him. He's not only talented, but one of the nicest, most obliging  Prestige was champion of his stallion test in Sweden with the following scores  for basic gaits; eight for his walk, eight for his trot and 10 canter. From the test  riders he received a nine for gaits and nine for his dressage capacity. He was  KWPN approved in 2003, again with high gait and talent scores "Prestige is a talented stallion with very powerful and big movement. He has  an excellent temperament. Prestige has lots of potential for Piaffe & Passage".  Prestige was in training with Edward Gal for two years. During this time they  scored 70% plus at PSG.

katyBrett Parbery on Prestige: "Prestige is an absolutely outstanding horse. Over the years I have ridden  some of the best stallions in the world and Prestige is up there with them, and  undeniably the best stallion to enter the Southern Hemisphere. All I can say is  watch this space...."  Terry Ashwood is also extremely impressed with Prestige, saying, "He astounds  me! That is the best way to put it. Prestige is a magnificent horse - he not  only has presence and ability, but also an amazing temperament. It was the  temperament that really sold me on him. He's so kind on the ground and  under saddle. He's just a really placid horse. We're currently housing Mr P  in a paddock, enclosed with temporary electric fencing and he's so calm and relaxed, even when mares are walked past, he doesn't mind.

**All mares must be checked by veterinarian for fertility and suitability to conceive with chilled or frozen semen
    Chilled Semen must be prebooked by 20th Nov


703 Grahams Road, 
RD 4, Ashburton,
New Zealand

About Caithness Stud

The ultimate goal has always been to produce top-quality sporthorses with wonderful temperaments and movement. "We feel that the quality of Dorchester and Maestro as our founding sires. With these foundation bloodlines we are able to introduce our new sire's with new bloodlines to continue to improve our quality  continue to achieve our goals" says Annabelle  

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