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Steph Marr

"I met Annabelle when I was in the process of moving to Ashburton, I approached her about grazing my horse with her, and was very impressed with not only the facilities she has available, but the friendly professional way she runs her business. After grazing for a short while I started dressage lessons with Annabelle and was very happy to have my eyes opened to a different way of riding. She strives for a correct way of riding, and wont take any shortcuts in getting the horse and rider working in harmony. The change in my own riding, and that of my young horse's way of going, is down the teaching I received from Annabelle, and I can't recommend her enough to anyone, in any riding discipline."

 Georgie Waters

Both of my daughters have been taught by Annabelle Read (Caithness Stud) for a number of years.  Annabelle provides a safe and happy environment, she challenges students when they are riding, has a great ability to enhance peoples confidence when on or off their horses.  The horses are well trained and it’s great being able to build a relationship with the same one.  The girls say that she explains things well, you learn lots of different aspects of horsemanship, and learn to look after your horse and tack properly. Camps are fun, informative, a great place to make new friends and a good way of getting lots of practice in. Being given the opportunity to go to a show after camp is really special. 
We have been very fortunate to have found Annabelle and her lovely family at Caithness Stud.
Richard & Jane Pearce

Our 8 year old daughter has been coming to Caithness Stud for almost a year. She loves coming to her riding lessons each week and the pony she rides has become like her own “pet” that she loves and brings treats too. The horses at Caithness are great and there is something suitable for all level of riders.
The grounds are well set up and the arena of high standard. Annabel has made her stud very family friendly by having a play area,  pets and areas that family members can be when children are grooming and also riding. Annabel has taught her very well and she is learning to not only ride, but care for and groom correctly too. She has been to several camps in the holidays where they get more opportunity to learn about ponies and how to take care of them.

Dawn, Nicole and of course Ed & Madonna
We have relocated from Christchurch to Ashburton after the major February earthquake event. Once settled my next priority was to seek somewhere for my daughter to continue on with her horse riding  tuition. Annabelle was recommended to us and after one lesson it wasn’t hard to see why. Her extensive wealth of knowledge with not only teaching all ages, beginners to experienced but her horsemanship handling is something I’d never seen or experienced. It opened my eyes up to a whole new way of working with horses. After watching her teach my daughter I realised this is where I needed to bring our horse ‘Ed’ for agistment so that we could practise and bring to him everything we were being ught. This has proved to be a blessing. Annabelle also breeds the most beautiful warm bloods I have ever seen so no surprise I purchased one of them named ‘Madonna’ in which I had formed an amazing bond with since Ed was really brought for my daughter. We get great pleasure out of watching Annabelle handling and working her young horses and quite 
often they end up being purchased by her students; as being handled by such expertise in their younger years along with being really good natured lies a great opportunity for any horse enthusiast. During this time I have also witnessed on many occasions people that have brought their horses or ponies to Annabelle for her to assist them with any behaviour issues that they may be experiencing whether it’s floating, bucking, rearing, biting or just flat out mean to their owners, once some quality handling has been spent on them enables for a complete turnaround and this is amazing to watch. Quite often it may not even be the horse that is the problem but, us as owners and how we are handling them 
are the cause, I learnt this very quickly with Ed.  Annabelle, we are very grateful to have met you. You are an amazing teacher and appreciate everything you have done for us to date.

Julia and Dave Latham, Flying Horse Ltd, Invercargill:

After looking at various Warmblood stallions we decided to put our mare Blonde Arrow (Lone Arrow x TB) to Maestro. We were impressed with the stallion's temperament as well as his confirmation and amazing movement. On New Years Eve 2004 Blondie had a beautiful bay filly whom we named Storm. Storm is now three and a half and has just been broken in by Stuart Moore of Millers Flat. He was impressed with her wonderful nature and quietness. He mustered cattle on her and she was a pleasure to ride (both in company and by herself). I have been riding her now at home for a fortnight and she is awesome. Whether hacking out around the block, trailriding at the beach or schooling in the arena she has never put a foot wrong. Even on really windy, rainy days she is calm and focused. We are so pleased we picked Maestro! Storm will be hacked out and schooled lightly over the coming year and then will hopefully begin a show and dressage career as successful as her mother was.
Kevin Lawrence, BSHI: 
I have in recent months had the opportunity to work with several of the progeny of Maestro while taking dressage lessons at Caithness Stud.I have worked with a variety of horse both mares and geldings ranging in age from 3-7 years.
Without exception my opinion of them has been that they are horses of good size, with three very good basic paces and most importantly of highly trainable temperaments.
I would have no hesitation in recommending that any rider looking for a horse with the talent to compete in any discipline to contact Annabelle at Caithness Stud to see what might be available.
Di McCrostie, N.Z.E.F.Level 1 Dressage Coach:
 I have recently helped in the Dressage training of two mares bred by Annabelle. I have found them to have very nice paces and conformation,and they are both clever, kind mares, with very trainable temperaments and a good attitude to their work. I am now looking forward to visiting Caithness Stud,to view the stallions, mares and youngstock, bred by the Read Family.
Debbie Wilson, Otago - owner of Caithness Blockbuster:
"I have just recently purchased a second horse from Caithness Stud, (having first bought a three-year-old gelding six years ago) and was impressed by the care taken by Annabel to ensure that our yearling was easy to handle and float and that we knew how to handle him in a manner that he was used to.

"At all times Annabel stressed that if we ever had any questions or difficulties to contact her for help and advice. Prior to purchase we visited to inspect the yearlings and Annabel was helpful in assisting us to purchase a horse that would suit our requirements and lifestyle. At no time did we feel any pressure to purchase or feel that we were being pointed in one direction. Annabel shows a genuine desire to sell her horses to well suited homes and to ensure that they are well mannered and a pleasure to own.

"We are extremely pleased with Blockbuster, who has settled easily into his new home and has a friendly, confident and laid back personality."
Julia Lee, Professional Dressage Rider and Instructor:
"I have recently emigrated from the UK and having been a part of a professional dressage team over there, I was not sure what to expect in New Zealand with regards to riding and horses.

"I was delighted, earlier this year, to meet up with Annabelle and Craig Read of Caithness Stud, and to become involved with their team. Their professionalism and quality of their horses I find to be far above average.

"They have bred horses which have the right temperament and movement to make great dressage horses, and I am now very excited for my future as a dressage rider and to be part of such a professional team here in NZ with Caithness Stud".
Justine Dodds, buyer:
"After deciding to purchase a young horse two years ago, I approached Caithness Stud. Since that time, I have found Annabelle to be a great help, from initially sending videos and information about the stud, to helping me choose a foal. She has continually been a great source of support from the weaning of my colt, helping me with handling, floating, gelding and general advice with him. I have been so pleased with him that I have since sent a mare to the stud, to breed another foal from Maestro.

"I thoroughly recommend Caithness Stud and Annabelle to any potential buyers.
Leigh Wills, Certified Monty Roberts Instructor, Equus Education:
"I have had the privilege of knowing the Reads and training Caithness horses over the past two years. I admire the honesty and dedication Annabelle continues to have in producing quality horses. Not only do they have great temperaments and movement, they are happy horses. This makes my job so much easier."


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About Caithness Stud

The ultimate goal has always been to produce top-quality sporthorses with wonderful temperaments and movement. "We feel that the quality of Dorchester and Maestro as our founding sires. With these foundation bloodlines we are able to introduce our new sire's with new bloodlines to continue to improve our quality  continue to achieve our goals" says Annabelle  

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