Lessons for Children & Adults



How I teach 

I believe kids/ adults should learn how to ride by using their natural balance. So therefore the kids /adults learn to ride only on bareback pads without  Saddle or Stirrups / No bridle or reins  Learning to use their natural balance 

They will learn how to make the pony go, turn and stop without any hands at  walk and trot.

Once this is achieved then they will get saddle once they are happy with this  the stirrups arrive then once balanced finally the bridle with reins.   (Some may go on to rope halter first)

Before they start to ride they need to learn how to catch , Tie up , brush , get  pony ready to ride first this is just as important as riding .

Prices for private lessons 

  • Prices 1st  lesson $50.00 per 1 hour 
  • Then 2nd  lesson $35.00 per 3⁄4 hr. 
  • Group lesson $35.00 for 1-2 hrs per rider in group when capable to ride by themselves 
  • Special deals for families at same time
  •  Private lessons for Adults available
  • 1st lesson $60.00
  • 2nd lesson 3/4 hr  45.00

To find our more about our Lessons call on 03 302 6870  or  email caithness@ihug.co.nz

Craig and Annabelle Read
email caithness@ihug.co.nz
703 Grahams Road, RD 4, Ashburton, New Zealand

Phone +64 3 302 6870
Mobile   0276 836461
Fax +64 3 302 6879


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703 Grahams Road, 
RD 4, Ashburton,
New Zealand

About Caithness Stud

The ultimate goal has always been to produce top-quality sporthorses with wonderful temperaments and movement. "We feel that the quality of Dorchester and Maestro as our founding sires. With these foundation bloodlines we are able to introduce our new sire's with new bloodlines to continue to improve our quality  continue to achieve our goals" says Annabelle  

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Phone: +64 3 302 6870
Mobile   0276 836461
Fax: +64 3 302 6879
Email: caithness@ihug.co.nz