Maestro Pedigree

Maestro 7045 Pedigree
MAESTRO'S sire CALLAGHAN 460 is a premium A Licensed Stallion
(The state premium A license is the highest award given to a breeding stallion. This recognises not only the excellence of the individual but also the consistent ability to pass on these qualities to offspring).
Half brother to 1984 Olympic Bronze Medal winner FLYING FLAMINGO.


Callaghan 460

CALLAGHAN is the sire of numerous international competition horses including the licensed Swedish Warmblood Stallion CASTELLO (standing at 169cm) and 17 stud book mares, and grand prix horses in the USA.

CALLAGHAN was the first state premium A licenced Stallion to be exported to the US.

His sire URBINO is recognised as one of the Founding sires for today's SWB bloodlines.
Urbino 430
URBINO No. 430 State premium A licensed SWB stallions including the 1984 Olympic Bronze Medal winner FLYING No. 481 and over 100 studbook mares. He is famous for producing top winning horses in both GP dressage and jumping.

URBINO 430 and UTRILLO 432 (sire of Maniara - below) are both extremely important foundation sires for today's bloodlines.

Utrillo 432
Grandsire: DRABANT No. 315 State premium A license produced 8 licensed stallions and nearly 100 studbook mares as well as numerous Internationally famous sport horses including WALD - SILVER MEDAL ROME and 4th at Toyko; DESIREE - GP dressage horse and mother to GASPADIN No. 499; FLINGE - German and European Junior Dressage Champion; ORCHIDEE - Swedish Jumping Champion.

Great Grandsire: KOKARD No.135 considered to be the most outstanding son of the famous HUMANIST; produced 9 licensed stallions. A foundation sire to the SWB horse, he is responsible for great numbers of successful competition horses in all riding disciplines including DIANTHUS who produced the Tokyo Gold Medal Dressage horse WOERMANN.
Lansiar 377
Chapman 757 (166cm)
Dam: Alli No.5823 produced 2 licensed SWB stallions. Mare family No. 41 known for all the consistent production of competition horses.

MAESTRO's dam MANIARA 2082 is the highest scoring Swedish Warmblood mare in the world. She is the dam of a Diploma mare (the only one who has been put forward, the other progeny is here in New Zealand).

MANIARA'S dam, MARINELLA 9745 won “ELMIA SHOW” (most pretigous show for mares in Sweden, only a limited number of highest scored diploma mares are eligible to enter).

MARINELLA. Two of her daughters, (her sire LANSIAR 377) sister won “ELMIA SHOW” as well.

MANIARA is the highest scored Diploma mare. She had a better score than her mother (MARINELLA) which speaks for itself.

MARINELLA (never competed because she was considered too valuable).

MANIARA'S sire UTRILLO 432 is also recognised as one of the top Swedish producing breeding lines in the world (SWB). He had two horses competing in 2000 Olympics.

UTRILLO'S blood line are constantly coming through in the top performing horses. eg SPARTACUS 45/50 CEZANNE Constantly 70% in Dressage level 1, SALVO constantly 70% Dressage, CHAPMAN 757 166cm.

Foals                    180
Conformation     123
Gait                      115
Jumping              144
Total                    128
raswan(copy)   napoleon(copy)    edinberg(copy)
Raswan (162cm)                                Napolean 625 (169cm)              Edinburg

The Swedish Warmblood

The Swedish Warmblood has been established for about 400 years.

The breed has produced a versatile all-round horse, usually 15.3-17.1hh, excelling in world class competition.

The Swedish horse of today was developed from the light cavalry horse.
Early influences in this development came from the trakehner and hanoverian bloodlines. Later influences include Holsteiner and Dutch stock.

The Swedish horse has been traditionally known as an excellent dressage horse, with many successes in the eventing world. Later introductions of outside bloodlines have been to improve the jumping ability of the breed. FLYING is the oldest National Stud in the world - this is where the Swedish Warmblood was founded.

Tolstoy 701 (167cm)
Outstanding Swedish rider Ulla Hakanson had a team of successful competing horses and three of them were by Urbino: Bobby, Tolstoy, and Flamingo.


Strauss 659 (162cm)


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